The ROI Behind Childcare Benefits: An Eye Towards Employee Retention, Well-Being, & Business Outcomes

Wednesday, February, 16
12:30 - 1:30 PM ET
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About the Webinar:

Working parents have made it clear: flexibility and family come first!

In this discussion, you will hear how companies can win the war on talent and establish themselves as an employer of choice in an employee-led job market, by leading with support, flexibility and innovative solutions. Learn how caring for parents in your workforce can help you achieve your retention, recruiting, and organizational goals by recalibrating your workplace culture to support the well-being of families through child-care benefits.

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Speakers Include


Charlie_Headshot (1)
Lisa Dallenbach-modified
Erin Grau
Charles Bonello

CEO & Co-Founder of Vivvi

Lisa Dallenbach

Chief People Officer of theSkimm

Erin Grau

COO & Co-Founder of Charter