Join us for a taste of Vivvi! 

What you can expect: 
  • Entertaining programming that incorporates read-aloud stories, fun singalongs, movement activities and dancing alongside our engaging Vivvi educators 
  • A way to experience a day in the life of children enrolled at Vivvi
  • Playtime advice from our expert teachers 
  • Vivvi's warm, safe space to escape to during the weekend 
  • A happy (and tired!) child to take home 
  • A sweet product discount from our friends at Little Sleepies.

    Little Sleepies designs  high-quality products that bring smiles and foster togetherness among families. Led by a mom, their responsibly made items are crafted for laughter, bonding, and cozy snuggles. The Little Sleepies buttery soft pajamas, play clothes, and nursery essentials are made from our proprietary Lunaluxe™ bamboo fabric, ensuring maximum softness and coziness. The  hypoallergenic and breathable fabric is gentle on sensitive skin, offers natural UV protection, and lasts three times longer than other brands. Enjoy Little Sleepies and create unforgettable moments, surrounded by comfort.
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