Emotional Well-Being @ Work Conference

Wednesday, Dec. 15
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM ET
Virtual Event
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About the Event:


Employee emotional well-being profoundly affects productivity, performance, retention, and engagement. A recent Conference Board survey reveals that it has eroded dramatically since the onset of the pandemic, with 76% of respondents reporting increases in employee burnout, 72% reporting increases in the number of employees seeking mental health support, and 67% reporting increased use of their Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs). New challenges await employees as some return to the office and others adopt hybrid work models. 

Join Charles Bonello, Lisa Dallenbach, and Erin Grau alongside executives from Disney, PepsiCo, and other leading companies to learn what organizations need to proactively support employee emotional well-being. Learn what strategies and tools they are using to help their employees thrive at work and in life.

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Speakers Include


Charlie_Headshot (1)
Lisa Dallenbach-modified
Erin Grau
Charles Bonello

CEO & Co-Founder of Vivvi

Lisa Dallenbach

Chief People Officer of theSkimm

Erin Grau

COO & Co-Founder of Charter