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How to Advocate for Child Care at your Work (worksheet)

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Let’s face it: working parents need child care. They need it to be productive, they need it to explore growth opportunities, and they need it to simply show up and work.

And yet, many U.S. companies don’t believe it’s their problem or responsibility, or simply can’t figure out how to support their employees with cost-effective options. If your company doesn’t offer child care as an employee benefit, you’re not alone: less than 6% of U.S. companies offer significant child care benefits.

The good news is, companies are starting to realize the impact of affordable, accessible child care for working parents, and they’re increasingly open to exploring employer-sponsored child care benefits. So, your employer might be more receptive to a conversation around it than you think.

We created this worksheet to help you advocate for your child care needs to your employer, with useful stats and research to support your case.