2021/22 Webinars

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Missed one of our events? Catch up on-demand. We are now streaming most of our events, on our youtube channel. Use this time to see what you have missed, or would like to watch again. And stay tuned to see what we have planned for 2022!

Titles include:
  • Nutrition & Healthy Eating for Children
  • Childcare 101
  • Parenting From the Start with Dr. Becky
  • Toilet Training with TLC: Ready? Set? Go!
  • Emotional Well-Being @ Work 
  • Flexibility: Getting it, Keeping it & Making it Work for your Family
  • Getting Ready for Daycare & Preschool
  • Daycare/Preschool Philosophies and What’s Right for Your Child
  • How to Map the Return to Work for Working Parents
  • Mom Brain: How to Outwit the Emotions of Motherhood

    And many other of your favorite events from the Vivvi Team